Earn money on traffic arbitration with ANN Trundle 2.4.

Traffic arbitration is one of the most profitable directions, if you work on the Internet. Sometimes, profits here are over 100% and even 1000%. The Trundle neural network is intended to automate traffic redirection mechanisms and make maximal profits on a daily basis.
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Traffic efficiency
68% -9.33%
Targeted traffic
81% -1.22%
Traffic conversion
57% -6.56%


The Trundle neural network has been tested for 5 years. For more than 2.5 years this network has been generating stable income. Furthermore, all investments of our users are insured for more than $50,000,000.


The Trundle neural network is constantly learning and updating. Our leading arbitration professionals have an experience of over 15 years. Trundle’s operation is based on their big knowledge and we constantly change something to make our platform better.


Each of our investors is guaranteed to receive a daily profit of up to 3.4%, depending on the chosen tariff plan. Thousands of users recommend our platform to their friends every day.

Basic principles

How does it work

To attract traffic to their websites, the advertisers place offers in the CPA network or create their own affiliate programs. The offer must include information about the product to be promoted, the desired sources of traffic, the methods to attract it, various restrictions, etc. Our task is to attract the traffic with the highest quality at minimal cost. This is where the Trundle neural network comes into play. Everything is under our control, but almost without our direct participation. This makes it possible to effectively process a huge number of offers every day. We just select an offer and adjust basic settings. The rest is carried out by our neural network.

The procedure for processing an offer

• We select offers, and the Trundle network analyzes the technical parameters of the client’s resource, generates affiliate links that clients will use to make their orders;

• ANN automatically creates promotional materials to advertise the offer. We have a huge database of ready-made solutions, due to which our neural network is constantly getting trained. This allows us to create unique and high-quality content for promotion (articles, posts, banners, selling headlines, etc.);

• The neural network generates requests and attracts traffic to the affiliate link;

• Then tracking of attracted requests takes place;

• We receive payments for confirmed leads. And part of the received remuneration is distributed among our investors in full accordance with the terms of our tariff plans. Below you can view the tariff rates and calculate your potential income

Affiliate link
Orderer's income
Our income
Our client's income
8 630
$589 339
Total amount invested
$4 640
Amount invested today

About the Trundle company

We are the best thanks to you

In 2019, we launched the first version of our neural network. Back then, we didn’t even expect to get such an impressive result. The implementation of the ANN was a key point that allowed us to create our own investment platform. Nowadays, thousands of users invest their funds and get good profits, and we, in turn, provide them with unique conditions!

Our insurance fund 6 дек 2023
$53 890 000
More information about us

Our development

Trundle’s brief history

The Trundle company was founded in 2015 by a team of just 3 people. At the very beginning, we were actively engaged in website promotion. Growing competition and the development of the Internet dictated the market conditions, so in 2017 we switched from promoting individual sites to working on traffic arbitration. And at the beginning of 2018, we began developing our own neural network to cope with increased volumes.

The main feature of Trundle’s work is that clients don’t get traffic from any websites, but only from the ones that work in the same product niche as the clients themselves. The system analyzes technical parameters of the client’s resource and determines the websites to direct the traffic.

More details

The rapid growth of the Company marked the beginning of the development of its own neural network - Trundle.


Release of the Alpha version of Trundle. At the stage of testing the ANN, our turnover increased by more than 250%.


Significant improvement of ANN algorithms: the quality of generated content has significantly increased.


Attracted investments allowed us to significantly improve the results obtained from the operation of our neural network.


Almost complete automation of processes. Working on your own investment platform.


Release of the current version of Trundle 2.4. Launching the Trundle investment platform.

More details

Our tariffs

We offer 4 tariff plans

We’ve developed 4 tariff plans for our clients. All of them are available to any user. Tariff rates depend on the amount of investments and the daily results given by the ANN.


before 1.9%

The Initial Tariff is for those people who want to test the system. The minimal total amount here is $5.

$5 - $199
  • The recoupment period of a deposit is from 50 days
  • Regular income throughout 12 months
  • Dividends are accrued on a daily basis


before 2.4%

This tariff allows you to have a stable income. And it’s an excellent extra gain to your main revenue.

$200 - $1999
  • The recoupment period of a deposit is from 40 days
  • Regular income throughout 18 months
  • Dividends are accrued on a daily basis


before 2.9%

This is a tariff for those people who want to transform their passive income into the main one.

$2000 - $6999
  • The recoupment period of a deposit is from 33 days
  • Regular income throughout 24 months
  • Dividends are accrued on a daily basis


before 3.4%

This tariff is designed for advanced investors. It provides an increased rate and quick recoupment.

от $7000
  • The recoupment period of a deposit is from 25 days
  • Regular income throughout 36 months
  • Dividends are accrued on a daily basis

*Please note: the maximum rate (per day) is indicated for each of our tariffs. The interest rate is floating and depends on the Company’s turnover calculated for the current day. The rate for a specific tariff can’t be lower than 85% of the maximum rate declared. If the Company’s daily turnover doesn’t comply with such a condition, then dividends are paid from the reserve fund. Minimum rates for tariffs are as follows: ‘Basic’ — 1.75%, ‘Standard’ — 2.25%, ‘Advanced’ — 2.75%, ‘Expert’ — 3.25%. You can find detailed information on the tariffs and payment systems in the ’Tariffs & Limits’ section.

Calculate your income

The tariff plan is determined automatically depending on the specified amount. Please enter or select your deposit amount to find out your potential income:

Your income will be:
Per day:
Per month:
For the entire period ( months):

Referral levels:
Your tariff:
before % / day (s)

Just 3 simple steps:


Sign up on our website. The procedure is quick and free. And you’ll get access to the personal account. Moreover, you can easily install our app and conveniently work with your personal account.


Create a deposit. You can start with a small amount to make sure the system operates correctly. You can always replenish your deposit, as well as reinvest your profits.


In just 24 hours you’ll get your first profit. You can withdraw it in any convenient way. Withdrawals are instant.

Program participants
Total turnover
Referral money paid
Bonuses accrued

Affiliate program

Earn without investing

A 4-level affiliate program with the opportunity to earn money without making investments is available to all users.

More details

Answers to frequently asked questions

You can check out a big list of frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical support service.

All questions →
Where does the profit come from?
The work of our Company is based on successful practice in traffic arbitration, which allows us to make stable profits. It’s not a secret that traffic arbitration is a very profitable and promising direction. Due to the implementation of our Trundle neural network, we’ve managed to achieve our huge potential. And now, our Company can easily generate a truly colossal turnover on a daily basis.
Everyday, to process a larger number of offers, we need additional funds. And that’s the very reason why our investment platform has been created. Now anyone can become a Partner of our Company and take part in our common work by investing in traffic arbitration. Client’s funds are used in advertising campaigns every day and provide us with consistently high income, which we’re happy to share with our investors.
We aim to provide beneficial conditions for all our investors. That’s why we’ve developed a special reward system that allows each Client to get a share of profits in proportion to their contribution to our Project. This system also includes 4 investment plans available to everyone.
How can I use the neural network?
At the moment, we don’t provide public access to our neural network. If ‘traffic arbitration’ is not an empty word for you and you really want to become a part of our team, then you can send your resume to our Email: collab@trundles.bz
What is your neural network capable of?
The Trundle neural network isn’t only capable of automatic generation of spectacular promotional materials and video footages, but also has the unique ability to develop an effective traffic distribution strategy.
Thanks to its deep architecture and advanced algorithms, our neural network is able to independently analyze information about the target audience, determine its preferences and interests, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of various traffic distribution channels. As a result, it provides well-structured recommendations for optimal use of resources and maximal audience involvement.
Moreover, specialists have the opportunity to make adjustments and configure the parameters of the neural network to get the perfect combination of creativity and accuracy for their advertising strategies. This allows us to adapt our solutions to the unique requirements and goals of each Client.
Among other things, Trundle can create selling articles/posts, one-page websites, business card websites and graphic presentations.
How can I start earning?
You just need to sign-up on our Website and open a deposit in a convenient way. The first profit will be credited to your account within 24 hours.
Are profits credited every day?
Yes, profits are accrued daily. The amount you are about to get is known one day before the payment itself. It is indicated in your personal account.

Start now!

Thousands of users are already making good profits every day!

Receive your first dividends tomorrow by working with the Trundle neural network today!

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